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product management skills. For free.

Complete bite-sized learning exercises and get detailed, actionable feedback from seasoned product leaders at companies like Canva, Google, and Discord.

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How it works

  1. Complete an exercise.
  2. Get detailed feedback from an experienced product leader.
  3. Immediately apply what you've learned.

Build Confidence
and Credibility

At times we all worry about personal credibility and too many of us needlessly suffer from imposter syndrome.

Our #1 goal is to help build your confidence. Whether it’s presenting to leadership, engaging with engineering, or going for that new role, our process is designed to help you believe in yourself and understand just how much you have to offer.

Because it’s not just about knowing where you need to develop, it’s also about knowing where you are strong.

“Completing these exercises really boosted my confidence”
Aniyah J. | Growth Product Manager

Develop Practical
Product Skills

Too many Product Management learning resources focus on theory rather than practice, and assume perfect conditions that never exist in the real world.

Not us. Our focus is on real-world, practical product skills that embrace the fact that product development can be a messy, confusing business.

Our aim is for you to be able to immediately apply what you learn.

“I use what I’ve learned every day”
Declan H. | Product Manager

Benchmark your Skills

Am I doing product “right”? How do I rate against my peers? Am I ready for promotion? We’ve all asked ourselves these questions.

Each learning exercise is scored and benchmarked against worldwide peers with similar product experience. You’ll learn where you stand in the product world and where to improve and focus your learning efforts.

“I now know I’m ready for promotion”
Kimi L. | Product Manager

Get a one-time email when a space opens up for you. We’ll never share or sell your details.

Build a Killer Toolkit

You know what it’s like: You look up a PRD or user discussion guide template online and you get the kitchen sink. What’s best? Which one do you use? Can’t I just see the “one true way”?

As you complete learning exercises you’ll progressively unlock a powerful, trusted set of go-to templates and resources that you can come back to time and again.

“I use your templates literally every day”
Jessica M. | Lead Product Manager

Develop on Your Schedule

We get it: You’re busy. And who has time for a 5 hour product skills exercise?!

Each of our learning exercises take less than an hour to complete. And they can be completed at a pace that works for you.

Our senior product leaders will be ready and waiting for you.

“The exercises were short enough to fit into my week”
Jason W. | Associate Product Manager

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The art and science of Product Management move so fast it can make our head spin.

Our learning exercises sit on the leading edge of the best and latest thinking in Product Management. So whether you're angling for that FAANG interview or just want to bring fresh new ideas to your team, we've got you covered.

“I’ve brought so many new ideas back to my team”
David L. | Senior Product Manager


How does this work?

Many platforms follow a "theory-confirmation-application" approach to learning. While this can be appropriate for folk entirely new to a subject it has been found to be far less effective for those already familiar with, or working in, a given subject area.

Instead, we follow an "experience-reflect-learn" approach. This starts with a best effort demonstration of your current skills - for example, user research & prototyping - followed by meaningful, actionable feedback from an experienced product leader through which you will develop, grow, and learn.

The primary advantage of this approach is to create an experiential base upfront regardless of your current skill level in any given area.

Is Productability aimed at existing Product Managers?

You don't have to be an existing Product Manager to benefit from the Productability learning experience.

At the same time we assume that you are coming to us with a baseline of theoretical knowledge. Most of the folk interested in a service like this will likely have read at least some of the canonical texts in Product Management (for example Marty Cagan's "Inspired" or Teresa Torres' "Continuous Discovery Habits"), have a few frameworks in their back pocket, and understand some broad concepts around things like goal-setting, prototyping, and market analysis which is more than enough to get enormous value out of the program.

Why is there a waitlist?

We don't want to inundate our product leaders who are all experienced product leaders with demanding day jobs. As more product leaders come onboard more slots will open up.

How is this free?

This service is just the start of something much bigger that we're developing in the Product Management learning & development space so, for now, we're offering it to you entirely for free.

How long are the exercises?

Our exercises typically take less than one hour to complete.

How many and what type of exercises are there?

We have a number of exercises that cover the full range of Product Management skills including strategy, discovery & design, product delivery, release & optimization, and technical skills.

Do you offer certification or accreditation?

Not at this time. We're laser-focused on helping you develop practical skills that you can immediately apply in your day-to-day product work.

Will this help develop my technical skills?

Yes. Several of our exercises, and the associated feedback, cover the technical aspects of being a great Product Manager.

Get a one-time email when a space opens up for you. We’ll never share or sell your details.