We’re weirdly serious about product management.

We feel this way because we know that great product management is key to helping us solve some of the 21st century’s biggest issues. And no, we’re not exaggerating.

So we need more great product managers. No, not good product managers. Not ok-ish product managers. Great product managers. Product managers who can walk through walls and Get. It. Done.

Surveying the learning & development landscape for product management we weren’t satisfied. Nor were the 25 product managers we spent 50 hours interviewing. Unrealistic learning exercises, softball feedback, no benchmarking all add up to poor return on learning effort.

So we set about building something that satisfies the following unmet needs:

  • A bias to real, actionable feedback from real-world product leaders who are knee-deep in real product delivery every day.
  • Learning exercises that mimic the messy reality of real product work, not lab-like conditions which don’t exist outside of those books we all love to read.
  • Development of a trusted, go-to toolkit of frameworks, templates, and how-tos that you can reference for the rest of your career.
  • Getting a clear understanding of how you rank among other product managers.

In addressing these needs we have one overarching goal: To help you build skills, confidence, and credibility within product management. In other words: To make you a great product manager.

Because the world needs great product managers.

Ben & Mike
Cofounders, Productability

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